Kerala Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centre

Very experienced panchakarma specialised Doctors & Therapists from Kerala, who will take care of you and your problems by making a holistic atmosphere.

Heal and Cure

Ayurveda therapies where in treatment of back pains, migraine, cervical pains, sinus problems which leads to migraine problems, blood circulation, insomnia, weight control (Obesity related issues) by diet chart and weight cut massages, also treatment for loss of lubrication in knee joints and many more treatments which are available in Ayurveda and some treatments are available only in Ayurveda where patients cannot undergo surgery the only remedy for them is Ayurvedic treatment.


Treatment Packages

10 Sittings


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12 Sittings

Abhyangam + Steam

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18 Sittings

Abhyangam + Potali Massage

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Free Organic gift on Therapy & Free Organic Hamper on Packages

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