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Nitya Nandini Ayurvedic is a place of genuine holistic experience for the well being of body and mind with a focus on authentic ayurveda combined with today’s possibilities of medical science, THE medical centre offers an alternative to western medicine.

At your service for the holistic regeneration of your body and mind.

Professional and individual care by highly experienced and well skilled ayurvedic doctors even before and after your treatments. Dedicated team of therapists and staff spacious facility highly hygiene atmosphere, highly organic medicines of world’s best branded companies.


what is ayurvedic treatment?

At Nitya Nandini Ayurvedic Centre our focus is on authentic ayurveda rather than just wellness. Every patient’s treatment plan is responsibly selected and customized to his or her specific needs- as the doctors of Nitya Nandini Ayurvedic Centre compromise the full expertise of ayurvedic academics studies as well as knowledge. They give clear recommendation for the patient’s health improvement and overall well being.

know more about ayurveda

The word ayurveda comes from Sanskrit and is combined of ayur-life and veda-science with its scientifically documented history of more than 3000 years, it is the oldest medical system worldwide, mainly spread over the Indian sub continent.

Ayurveda place great emphasis on prevention and encourage maintaining health by paying close attention to balance in one’s life through right thinking, diet, life style and use of herbs and panchakarma.


Although most sources date back the beginning of ayurveda to a time between 3000-5000  Years ago, it is a actually as old as mankind …..because there was always someone whose health needed improvement of some kind and always someone who had learned how to address this improvement –a true science of life.
And it is no coincidence that this ancient medical system of ayurveda developed in the area of today’s Indian federal state Kerala and the nearby states: The natural surroundings are unique in the world in their richness flora and fauna. Over the year people learned how to benefit from this “natural pharmacy” and develop the holistic science of life, ayurveda people from numerous countries like China, Tibet, the Roman Empire, Greece, Egypt, Afghanistan and Persia came to Indian ayurvedic schools to be learn about this world of medicine, many natural healing systems like homeopathy, Chinese medicine, unani medicine and the humeral medicine practiced by Hippocrates n Greece have their roots in ayurveda, is often referred to as the “mother of all healing”


The Nitya Nandini Ayurvedic Centre is run by highly experienced doctors. All proper examination by both ayurvedic & modern concepts.

Doctors will evaluate your illness status and after checking your prakruthi, nadi pariksha, an accurate medicinal & panchakarma treatment plans will be made according to your specify needs.

Doctor has a different core area of expertise, like the combination of modern medicine’s diagnostic technique for the ayurveda practice & nadi shodhana chikitsa (Body Detoxification), and cell’s regenerations by rasayana treatments. Together they cover treatments for a wide range of health related complaints and diseases.

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