Ayurveda is one of the world’s traditional ayurvedic panchakarma treatments are beneficial not only for cares but prevention for aliments and for revitalizing your health and energy. Panchakarma -5 ways to detoxify the full body & attain the balance of tridoshas within your body in the process the body is purified allowing it to exercise its in inherent rejuvenating abilities.


The Kerala panchakarma treatment is famous for its beneficial effects on overall health and the well-being of an individual it is a unique detoxification and regeneration programme for body and mind. A panchakarma treatment cleans and polishes the body from the inside & outside.
Ideal duration is 3-4 weeks and client will be usually undergoing a cleaning phase followed by rejuvenation programme.
Depending on clinical evaluation cleaning will usually have 5 internal processes and different external therapist.


Herbally induced vomiting, which is usually done once during the course of a panchakarma treatment, cleanses the upper gastro system and has a positive effect on other system too.

Vivechana or purgaton, also herbally induced and usually done one time during a panchakarma treatment, cleanses the stomach the instentine and the liver and has other systematic benefits too.

Vasthi/basti,enemas with a herbal decoction or oil base, which is usually done multiple time it has a deep cleaning effect on the large intestine and with different combination of medicine becomes the basis for cleansing and rejuvenation process, it has wide range benefits in multiple organ system of body.


Nasal administration of medicine usually in liquid, sometimes in powder form helps is cleansing and nourishing the above clavicle its associated with a herbal smoke treatment also nasyam gives strength to the sense organs in the head clarity in thought process, better management of stress neck and shoulder health & many systematic benefits


Rakta moksha is an easily endured method for bloodletting. Implemented only in some specific clinical condition and it’s not a mandatory therapy.

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