Shiro dhara is a unique massage from kerala in which a steady stream of medicated oil is poured on the forehead in a peculiar pattern. It is a part of panchakarma treatment in ayurveda.


It is the treatment where by the lukewarm medicated oil is made to flow in a slow constitend rate over the forehead for a particular duration mostly over the glabellar region. A thin strip of cloth (varthi) is tied around the head just above the eyebrows. The medicated oil is heated till it becomes lukewarm. This lukewarm oil is poured in to the dhara vessel placed above the forehead of the individual. Medicated oil is then made to flow in a continuous and constant stream over the starting over the glabellar region. The medicated oil flows from the forehead to the scalp and hair which is accompanied by a gentle relaxing massage. It is an effective therapy for mental relaxation and cures insomnia, anxiety, paralysis and hyper tension. The benefits of Shiro dhara are improves vision and hearing capacity. It slows down aging, calms mind and strengthen physical cistitution .This treatment is good for mental relaxation, sleep disturbance, headaches, hair problems and skin diseases. The duration of the treatment varies from 30 to 40 minutes as per the individual condition. This treatment is mainly done in a course for 7 days, 14 days etc.


2. Paralysis
3. Autism
4. Attention Deficit Disorder
5. Peripheral or Vascular Headache
6. Migraine
7. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
8. Stress management
9. Exam phobia
10.Psychological problems
11.Neurological conditions
13.Anxiety Neurosis
14.Drugs De addiction
15.Hair fall
16.High blood pressure

INR 2000/-

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